What you wear reflects who you are.

The same goes for perfume. Whatever scent you wear speaks of your personality and character. Your perfume is your olfactive signature. You make an impression with the way you smell.

Zuska captures real men's personality and character in every can of EDT Deo - be it the pure gentleman, the adventurous, or the nonconformist.

Take the quiz to find out the fragrance that suits your personality the best.

How do you prefer spending your Saturday night?
Go to an underground rock concert and then crash at a friend's place.
Catch the on-going game at a sports bar with a few buddies.
Head to a fine-dine and then maybe go out for a long drive.
What kind of music
will someone
find on your iPod?
The latest EDM.
Rock or punk.
Old classics.
If you owned a bike, what would it be?
I like something with a loud thump so I'd go for a cruiser.
Bike? I am more of a car guy.
I'd go for a sports bike.
which is
your ideal
Anywhere provided it includes trekking, biking etc.
A trip abroad.
A rock music festival somewhere in the north-east of India.
If you were
to learn a musical
instrument which
of the following
would it be?
The saxophone.
The drums.
An electric guitar.
If you have an
important meeting,
how early would
you get there?
at least 15 minutes before.
i'll just get there when I get there.
Well, I will hop on my bike and get there just in time.
What would your favorite car be?
Doesn't matter as long as it gets me to where I want.
A top-of-the-line sedan.
A second-hand modified by me and loaded with some cool gear.
When was
the last time
you went
to the gym?
I just got back from the gym.
well, a few days back.
Gym? Lol. What?
How many friends do you have on your social-media account?
About 500-800 friends.
My friend-list has reached its maximum limit.
Only a few close friends, family and a few acquaintances.
On an average day,
you're most likely
to be found in-
A pair of cool torn jeans and a black t-shirt.
Track pants and a synthetic sports t-shirt.
Casual branded jeans and a shirt.
You indulge in-
Anything that's high on protein.
Anything that tastes good.
Continental food.