ZUSKA is the creation of a leading health and wellness organization from the United States of America, Zodhita Inc., Zuska entered India through its local operations with Zodhita Health Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in December of 2008, with sales and marketing activities beginning in May of 2010.

For over 20 years, we, at Zodhita Inc. and its group of companies, have innovated consumer-inspired products to bring positive changes in the lives of the communities we serve across the globe. Our evolution as a company is greatly driven by our passion to touch people’s lives, every day, every moment.


Zodhita Health Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a progressive young company with over 5 years of operations in India, building its core in personal care products. Our thrust is to provide true value with globally competitive products that inspire positive changes in people’s lives. In a dynamic and competitive market, we acknowledge the need for quality and constant innovation that to international standards.

By providing total scientific solutions to existing and emerging consumer needs, we strive to create superior consumer value through quality products that inspire trust and are delivered with passion.


Specifically designed for young male adults, “ZUSKA” the brand has been developed to provide MAN their pack of confidence.

As life for them becomes increasingly demanding and challenging, we have leveled up fragrance and freshness with our extensive range of EDT deodorants, to deliver powerful scents that last longer.